IBPREP Revision Course

Deepdive to IB program with IBPREP

Supervised study hall session is included. Studying hour starts at 8:30 am in the morning and finishes at 6:30 pm (Monday to Friday). 

If students chose 3 classes, we provide IB english class & ToK class for free. 

Students can cover English, Math, Science, Social Science, ToK and we give tips on Extended Essay.  



Summer Revision Course:

4 weeks between June and August.

Usually, first session starts at mid June and lasts till mid July and second session starts mid July and lasts till mid August. 



For 2018 Summer revision course, 

First session: 18 June 2018 ~ 13 July 2018 (4 weeks) 

Second session: 16 July 2018 ~ 10 August 2018 (4 weeks) 

First session and second session cover same material and same syllabus, students can chose one session on their convenient schedule. 

 Timetable for 2018 summer revision course. 




Winter Revision Course:

3 weeks between December and January.


For 2018/2019 winter revision course, 

First session: 17 December 2018 ~ 5 January 2018 (3 weeks) 

For DP1 students, students can recap what they have learnt for the first semester and get prepared for the new semester. Remember, students will be facing very busy semester soon! The first semester of IBDP is the most relaxing period. 


For DP2 students, this revision course is very crucial. DP2 students will practice hard on past papers. By practicing past papers, students can review the contents where they did not understand completely and they can practice how to solve real IB questions. To get high score on final exam, students have to be prepared from A to Z. 

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