Key Facts about IB

Pros & Cons of IB


Time Management:

  • Heavy workload can give students a good study habit and ways to manage their time wisely.


Good preparation for university:

  • IB Diploma is effectively a “university preparation program”. It teaches us skills and ways of learning. After two years of practice, it is fair to say that we will have mastered skills such as university style reports, essay writing, source citing and how to conduct independent research.


We can choose the subjects we want to take:

  • IB gives us a chance to study the subjects we like more intensely.


Global Recognition:

  • The IB Diploma program is recognized by all leading universities.


Heavy amount of assessments:

  • Not only we have the coursework and assignments from our six mandatory subjects, but there is also the essays, presentations and projects from EE, TOK and CAS.


Health problems:

  • It is important to be diligent and organized than being smart in IB. We should be able to manage our time wisely to fit in all the activities as well as keeping our grades up consistently. Unfortunately, this can’t be always accomplished without cutting down our sleep time.


Length of study:

  • Think of IB as a run, but a marathon not a sprint. IB requires consistent work and solid performance over a two-year period.

Most Important Period in IB

  • DP1 Semester 1
  • DP1 Semester 2
  • DP2 Semester 1
  • DP2 Semester 2
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