About Us

  • We want you to succeed

IBPREP specialises in the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

IBPREP is located in Seoul, South Korea and our teachers have been supporting students since 2013. We take a highly individualised approach to support our students and each student will be supported by the best IB educators.


IBPREP cares for each student.

We analyse each student’s strengths and weaknesses and classes are specifically designed to meet students’ needs. IBPREP also gives frequent feedback to students and parents. We are pleased to support students in their pursuit of academic goals, not only as educators but also as mentors.

Our Team

  • Small Academy, Big Reputation

IBPREP has the best team for IB education.

We have a fantastic team of IB teachers with a good understanding of the IB curriculum in addition to their academic knowledge. We interview each teacher and select those with the most passion and flair for teaching IB, rather than those who have simply graduated from a well-known university.

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