IBPREP IA Supporting Program

  • STEP1. Teacher will give a guide what & how to research on possible areas for the subject based on

                  student’s interest. (skype class)

  • STEP 2. Discuss and choose the title of the IA with teacher’s advise. (skype class)

  • STEP 3. Confirm the title of IA with school teacher. Go back to STEP 2 If it’s not acceptable.

  • STEP 4. Plan the main structure of student’s IA. Teach about the theory of the essay topic.

                 (Skype class, 2~5 times + Student will work with teacher with google document)

  • STEP 5. Students will submit their first draft to school teachers and get feed back from school.

  • STEP 6. Amend the essay based on the feedback from school and polish up with all the details.    

                Check the format, citation, etc. (Skype class, 1~3 times + Student will work with teacher     

                with google document)

  • STEP 7. Final submission.

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