I spent 2 years with IBPREP. I got huge help on mathematics HL & economics HL. To be honest, I felt there was limitation for asking help at school since teachers at school were sometimes not available when I needed help. Also, I felt kind of shy to ask a question at school, I did not feel confident about math when I started IB. I could get help whenever I had questions. Especially, IBPREP was huge help for DP2 when math gets really serious. Economics teacher at IBPREP provided us real life examples so economics was so interesting.  So indeed I am very grateful for the revision course! 

    – Student from British International School in Shanghai

We have proudly gained our reputation by focusing on the education of our students around the world; graduates come from countries including S.Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Chile, USA, Canada and Uganda.

Revision course during summer was very intensive but I enjoyed time there so much. I could get to see other students from other countries, we could share our learning experience. There was no way I could have done it alone.  In addition to the leaps I made in the revision courses, I also had the opportunity to meet amazing people. 

Everything is well explained! 

Looking forward to seeing more subjects in IBPREP Online Learning Platform! 

Our Students got accepted by 

University of Pennsylvania 

Cornell University 

Edinburgh University


Imperial College 

Bristol University

Nottingham University

Durham University

EPFL (Switzerland)

Hong Kong University

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Leeds University-Medical

Sheffield University

Manchester University 

Alumni's Universities & Major

University of Sheffield – College of Economics

HanYang University – Computer Science

Central Saint Martins – Fashion

ChungAng University – College of Nursing

Pennsylvania State University – Data Science

Yonsei University – Civil and Environmental Engineering

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